The Captain

Hawaiian Capt. Makai promises to provide a safe, fun, and adventurous outing based on his over 25 years of experience on the Napali Coast. Also very important, though, is that Makai was born and raised on a 60ft. sail boat which spent most summers in Hanalei Bay, Kauai and brings with him the type of authentic local knowledge that can greatly enhance not only your tour of the coast but also your entire stay on this island. Makai is also a professional water man. From Tow-in surfing to kite boarding, canoe racing, cliff diving, fishing, spear diving, sailing, and wake boarding. When you book a tour through you are guaranteed to have Native guides, and with the personal setting achieved by limiting tour sizes to 6 you are sure to come away from the trip having seen and learned some amazing things. Capt. Makai is also a member of the Na Pali Ohana, a non profit group rebuilding and taking care of archaeological sites on the Napali coast.

Captain Makai on The Kai NaluCaptain Makai on The Kai Nalu