Na Pali Coast State Park, a breathtaking wilderness area on the north shore of the island of Kauai, stretches along 12 miles of undeveloped shoreline. Na Pali Coast is a very special place. The cliffs provide a rugged grandeur of deep, narrow valleys ending abruptly at the sea. Waterfalls and swift flowing streams continue to cut these narrow valleys while the sea carves cliffs at their mouths. Extensive stone walled terraces, house platforms and temple structures can still be found on the valley bottoms where Hawaiians once lived, farmed, and worshipped.You've probably seen the beauty of this coast already — Na Pali is prominently featured in most advertisements for Hawaii, in travel magazine articles, and as the setting for TV commercials and Hollywood films.The State Parks Division grapples daily with trying to manage Na Pali's 6,175 acres of wilderness, home to countless cultural and archaeological sites, threatened native ecosystems, and many known and yet to be discovered endangered species.An estimated 150,000 people visit the park annually. Presently, however, there is not a single full-time employee dedicated to the protection of this park.